Just The Tonic No Bull, Scottish Tonic Water
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Scottish Tonic Water

Def: [No fluff and no marketing bull. Just a no-nonsense, Scottish tonic water that’s clean, crisp and allows the gin to sing]

NO Eccentric chemists
NO Foraged botanicals
NO Obscure garnishes

We haven’t walked barefoot through a field to hand-pick 30 different ingredients, nor did we think it necessary to fly to South America to select the finest quinine. We aren’t paired exclusively with 500 unique gins and we don’t sport top knots or oily beards.

Instead, we focus on simply making a clean, crisp, no-nonsense tonic water that allows the gin to sing.

We are Just the Tonic. Proudly made in Scotland.

Each batch of Just the Tonic is lovingly handcrafted in a small facility outside Glasgow, Scotland. Want to know more about our roots? Visit The Start-Up Drinks Lab for more information.